Team Park Project will entertain adults and children in Pinocchio’s Land of Toys

The first episode of the series “L’Atlante che non c’è” dedicated to the places of Pinnocchio’s Adventures went on air on Monday 15th February at 9:15pm on the Italian Channel RAI 5. The program is a tour guide composed of four episodes that explores countries, cities and imaginary worlds of literature and that dedicated the first episode to the literary masterpiece of Carlo Collodi, on the trail of the places that revolve around the most famous puppet in the world.

During this journey, spectators had the opportunity to meet Andrea Caldonazzi, CEO of Team Park Project, who explained how TPP will entertain adults and children in the new Pinocchio’s Land of Toys, as planned in the expansion project of the Collodi-Pinocchio Polycentric Park.

“An amusement park is a place/non-place where, once passed the entrance doors, you leave all the problems of your daily life behind and you just have fun. It is a world where socializing and having fun with your family and friends becomes an emotion”, says Andrea Caldonazzi.

The episode can be seen on demand on RAI PLAY at this link.