Luna Farm

Italy - Bologna
TPP was appointed by Zamperla to carry out all the realisation phases of Luna Farm, the first farm-themed amusement park...

Anzhi Arena Park

Russia - Makhachkala
In the capital of Dagestan, we are in charge of transforming the area adjacent to the stadium into a theme...


China – Nantong
We like impossible challenges, and this concept was applied to transform a hangar into a fantastic theme area.


Russia – Gilendjik
TPP was appointed to draft a new feasibility study to verify project sustainability even through new and different design solutions.

Skazka Family Park

Moscow – Russia
The objective is to transform the already-existing small park into a large theme park. The purposely designed mascot accompanies you...

Al Zintan Park

Libya - Al Zintan
The intention of the city of Al Zintan is to develop the land, inserting all the structures needed for the...

Aspire league

Qatar - Doha
Near Doha stadium, TPP was assigned to realise the concept of a new theme park, evaluating its economic sustainability. The...

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

China – Zuhai Shi
Near the famous theme park Ocean Kingdom, we realised the concept and the masterplan of the project area so that...


Saudi Arabia – Jeddah
TPP studied an original concept and used modern, innovative materials for this indoor play area. The use of videomapping made...

Hi Impact

Nigeria – Lagos
TPP selected the rides and prepared the masterplan.


Russia – Sochi
TPP re-designed the park, completely modifying the flow of visitors to make all the park areas more interesting, lengthening the...

The Five Elements

Hungary – Heghyeshalom
A new, original idea for an ambitious project in central Europe, made up of an outdoor theme park, an aqua...

Famili Parc

Algeria – Tissemsilt
An amusement park, which could be considered as the nicest in the country, was designed and realised on a plateau...


Bolivia – Santa Cruz
The purpose was to design a new amusement area near the largest shopping centre in Santa Cruz. Colours, happiness and...


Italy – Fermo
The camping area of the same name offers a small amusement park to its youngest clients.


Italy – Marcianise
4,000 m2 indoors and 2,000 m2 outdoors are programmed for this FEC, which is in a shopping centre that develops...


Italy – Naples
After being closed for a long time, the new owners asked for the consultancy of TPP to carry out the...

Isola dei Dogi

Italy - Venice
A perfect example of edutainment for the most original park in the world. A special place for the locals and...


Ucraine - Lviv
The client wanted to realise an amusement park using the synergy of the nearby shopping centre. TPP’s job was to...

Sea Island

Ucraine – Dnipropretrovs’k
The project for a theme park on a natural island in the centre of the Dniepr River evolved around the...

Semarang FEC

Indonesia – Semarang
Project for a two-storey FEC in a multi-purpose building.

Sicilia Adventure

Italy – Carlentini
The project involved the development of an area including: Theme park, Hotel, Golf course, Shopping centre, Multi-function centre and residential...

Ruota Parco Sempione

Italy - Milan
The hypothesis of installing a Ferris wheel in the green park located in the centre of Milan.


Italy – Portogruaro
By studying the area it was possible to define a concept that brings to mind the great historical events, but...


Italy – Portogruaro
The project consisted in reconverting an area that was initially to be used as a logistic pole into a theme...

Radom Park

Poland – Radom
This project is an example of when you have to say no. The position of the land, the capacity and...


Iraq – Bagdad
The architecture followed the Arabian theme which is at the base of this amusement park, designed to be part of...

Luna Park – Coney Island

USA – New York
TPP has always been alongside the management of Luna Park since it opened again in 2010. Masterplan, ride selection and...

Rungna People's Pleasure

North Korea – Pyongyang
A monumental structure and linear development are the main elements that characterise this amusement park. With this project, TPP staff...


Italy – Capriate (BG)
When managed by the Zamperla group, TPP staff carried out all the design phases. During this period, which lasted about...

Magic Planet

UAE – Dubai
Concept development and rides theming for the perfect place where spending a fun-filled day with family.

Victorian Gardens

USA – New York
This small but pretty amusement park is in the centre of Manhattan, in the heart of Central Park. Intended for...


Germany – Kernwasser
This project represents the practical proof that even a nuclear centre that has never been operational can be transformed into...