Four reasons why you should keep renovating your amusement park

Restyling Amusement Parks Team Park Project

Amusement parks have been enchanting people of all ages for decades, providing a magical escape from the routines of daily life. As technology advances and consumer expectations evolve, the importance of upgrading existing amusement parks becomes increasingly evident. Upgrades not only breathe new life into these entertainment hubs but also ensure they remain relevant, competitive, and capable of delivering unforgettable experiences to visitors. In this article, we explore the reasons why upgrading existing amusement parks is crucial for their sustained success and continued popularity. 1.Generation of Repeat Visits: In the ever-evolving landscape of amusement parks, the addition of a new attraction each year plays a pivotal role in keeping the experience fresh and enticing for visitors. The anticipation surrounding the … Read More


Integrated Design with BIM Revit

Revit BIM Team Park Project

At TPP, we believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in amusement park design. As part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry, we are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our BIM Revit advanced training in collaboration with our partner, BIM Idea srl. How does it benefit us and our clients? Enhanced Visualization and Collaboration:Revit allows us to create highly detailed 3D models of amusement park projects. This means our clients can now visually immerse themselves in their future park, experiencing a lifelike representation of the design even before construction commences. Additionally, this technology facilitates better collaboration between our team, our clients, and other stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page from the very start. Better … Read More


Join us at IAAPA Expo Europe 2023

IAAPA Expo Europe -Team Park Project

Are you ready for an incredible adventure into the world of amusement and attractions? We certainly are! We are thrilled to announce our participation in the IAAPA Expo Europe 2023, the premier global event for the leisure and attractions industry. Join us at our booth #A-2816 from 26-28 September at Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center,  Messepl. 1, 1021 Vienna, Austria. To book a meeting please email us at


Team Park Project flies out to Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo

Team Park Project_Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo

Team Park Project will fly out to the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo from 16-18 May 2022 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre. It will be an opportunity to meet old and new clients and get a taste of an ever-evolving market that is pioneering innovative entertainment solutions in line with the development of Saudi Vision 2030. You can take an appointment with the Team Park Project staff or meet them directly at booth 3C51.


Team Park Project attends DEAL 2022 in Dubai

Team Park Project DEAL Dubai 2022

The Team Park Project’s team is excited to take part to DEAL Expo in Dubai from 28-30 March 2022. It will be great to be back in Dubai to meet industry partners and clients and present new projects and collaborations. You can find us at booth 6-C120 No matter whether you would like to develop a new amusement park project or refurbishing an existing one, we are your ideal partner that always places special attention on balancing investments, starting from the design cost. Do not hesitate to pre-book a meeting by contacting us in advance.


The reason why the Concept Design phase is crucial for the development of a successful amusement park

Concept Design - Skazka

“Before starting to design a project for an amusement park, it is a good rule to do a thorough research of the history of the place where the park will be built, the geography, the culture and the local traditions” explains Matteo Castagna, Theme Park Designer at Team Park Project. It is a fundamental step that must guide our design choices. The research is at the basis of the Concept Design, the creative phase by definition, in which much of the success (or failure) of an amusement park is determined. It is in this phase that the ideas start taking shape with the creation of the park’s identity, the theme, the storytelling, and the setting. Often you have to design … Read More


Team Park Project will entertain adults and children in Pinocchio’s Land of Toys

The first episode of the series “L’Atlante che non c’è” dedicated to the places of Pinnocchio’s Adventures went on air on Monday 15th February at 9:15pm on the Italian Channel RAI 5. The program is a tour guide composed of four episodes that explores countries, cities and imaginary worlds of literature and that dedicated the first episode to the literary masterpiece of Carlo Collodi, on the trail of the places that revolve around the most famous puppet in the world. During this journey, spectators had the opportunity to meet Andrea Caldonazzi, CEO of Team Park Project, who explained how TPP will entertain adults and children in the new Pinocchio’s Land of Toys, as planned in the expansion project of the … Read More


Team Park Project sponsors the Cornell Theme Park Design Competition 2020

We are pleased to announce that Team Park Project sponsored the Cornell Theme Park Design Competition 2020 and we were part of the judging panel together with Zamperla, JRA, Whitewater and Cavu. A big congratulation goes to all the participants, especially to Team 15, the winning team composed by University of Calgary students Ross Ricupero, Charlene Karl, and Michelle Bootsma, who designed “The AquaLab featuring Mission: S”. Teams were asked to develop a design concept for a flagship themed experience at an aquarium in Vancouver, Canada, integrating a coherent narrative, a cutting-edge interactive technology, and a novel ride system given limited spatial constraints. 61 teams representing 61 universities and 5 countries took part in this year’s contest, with students from … Read More


Team Park Project presents Luna Farm

Luna farm

In the past 12 months, we worked on the realisation of Luna Farm, the first farm-themed amusement park that opened in December 2019 at FICO Eataly World (Bologna). We carried out all the phases of this project: from the feasibility study and concept design to the construction phase and park’s management. An ambitious project commissioned by Zamperla that occupies an indoor surface of approx. 6500 sqm, with an investment of 11 million euros and that received a nomination as best “entrepreneurial initiative” at the 2019 Parksmania Awards – an important international recognition within the amusement industry. We developed a unique concept for this park: an original mix of simplicity, recognisability, originality and atmosphere, facilitating the connection with the territory. The … Read More