We design and develop amusement parks around the world, from Coney Island in New York to the People’s Pleasure Ground in North Korea, always paying attention to the local culture. Our parks don’t only look nice, but are designed to make profits.

Team Park Project (TPP) is a company that designs, develops and manages profitable amusement parks that stands out for its vertical professionalism and for its vocation to “profitability by design”.

TPP’s approach to the design, development and management of amusement parks is based on the original TPP Framework, which combines the need for profitability with excellent design solutions that are verified and confirmed by mathematical models.

“We don’t believe in nice amusement parks……we believe in nice amusement parks that make money”

Andrea Caldonazzi – CEO Team Park Project

According to us, an amusement park must:

  • Clearly identify the target and create its own identity;
  • Be proportional to the expected number of visitors;
  • Have a concept that draws and fascinates the target visitors;
  • Have a functional and appealing design;
  • Plan costs, profit, and investments carefully;
  • Have a dynamic management with an in-depth knowledge of the logics that move the amusement market.

The competitive advantage of Team Park Project, in comparison with other sector realities, is its ability to competently manage each of the mentioned aspects. It is the perfect representative for those who want a successful amusement park without having to discuss at too many tables: one stop one shop.

No matter whether you are a new investor or a sector operator, if you are interested in a new project or in improving an existing one, this is why Team Park Project is your ideal representative who always places special attention on balancing investments, starting from the design cost.

Thanks to its original TPP Framework method, Team Park Project idealises, designs and manages amusement parks based on the dogma of profitability by design

Andrea “After years of experience in the amusement park sector I have learned a fundamental thing: (almost) anyone can realise an amusement park. All that’s needed is a project, some land and – naturally – a conspicuous amount of money. Realising a profitable amusement park, however, is decisively more complicated: in this field, a single evaluation or design mistake can literally cost millions of dollars. That is why I produced a work method which, in 11 steps, allows you to organise the design and realisation of an amusement park around the profitability of the park itself, and in a scientific manner, so as to leave nothing to chance”.

Andrea Caldonazzi – CEO Team Park Project – Creator of the TPP Framework