Team Park Project

A new website for Team Park Project

Wind of change for Team Park Project: we decided to open a completely new website to show our passion for amusement parks, as well as to tell our philosophy and method.

As you will read on these pages, we believe that an amusement park should be first of all profitable and secondly – of course – a unique experience for its visitors.

In this website we’ll show you how our TPP Framework works: it’s an original method aimed at involving all the necessary steps in the creation of an amusement park.

Beyond our TPP Framework, you’ll discover all our services: feasibility studies, concept, schematic design, design development, amusement parks building and management.

We also recommend you to download our guide: “That’s NOT Funny!” A Guide to Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes when Designing, Building and Running an Amusement Park. It describes the major key points and issues when creating and managing an amusement park.

Both if you are planning to build a new amusement park from scratch or if you need a specific intervention on an already existing one, you are in the right place: explore our website or contact us for more information.