The idea is interesting, but is also affordable? A careful analysis of the market and competitors allows, through the application of specific parameters, to estimate the expected visitors and all the necessary elements  to define a balanced masterplan. The target, the identity of the park and the level of theming chosen will help you to complete the master plan with the right attractions. Trust in us: we know what we do!

The planning phase is composed of:

PRELIMINARY DESIGN, which includes:

1. The Feasibility Study

  • Market analysis
  • Capacity analysis
  • Park dimensioning parameters
  • Preliminary masterplan zoning
  • Rides & games selection
  • Pricing strategy
  • Opening schedule
  • Business plan

2. The Concept and Masterplan Design

  • Concept design development
  • Masterplan layers inclusive of: attractions, games, buildings and facilities configuration, visitors distribution and moving, main traffic stream and parking lots solution


SUPPLEMENTARY REQUEST N°1_PARK IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT (as required and at client’s request)

including the Research study, Creation, Graphic realization,
Detailed design and Consultancy for:

  • Park name, logo, pay-off
  • Mascot and gadget
  • Park signage, Web site
  • Park uniforms for employees/hostess&steward
  • Opening graphic projects/campaigns

SUPPLEMENTARY REQUEST N°2_PARK MODEL (as required and at client’s request)

including one or more of the following 4 options:

  • OPTION A: 3D model + promotional animation video (2-3 min)
  • OPTION B: 3D model + renderings (10-15 pics)
  • Park signage, Web site
  • Realistic scale model
  • Augmented reality model


Is the project sustainable? Well, now it is at the architects’ who, after sharing changes to the master plan with the client, prepare the necessary work so that the construction company can begin working. A careful supervision to the jobs will ensure that both the artistic and  architectural parts correspond to what has been defined. Let’s do it!

The creative phase is composed of:

DETAILED DESIGN, which includes:

1. The Schematic Design or Pre-Final Design

  • Detailed Masterplan inclusive of plans of all levels of the park, green areas, external/internal pavings and paths, street furniture, queue lines,
  • Architectural design & detailed drawings of buildings and facilities
  • Detailed drawings of environmental themings

3. Consultancy & Supervision for Working Drawings Development

TURNKEY REALIZATION, which includes:

1. The Construction Site Supervision

Consultancy inclusive of one/two site visits per month for one/two persons for the entire duration of the project

2. The Design Development or Final Design

  • Complete tracking of the park
  • Schematic plans and relative working details of the: Electrical
  • system, Drainage-sewage system, Water & sanitary system,
  • Irrigation system, External/Internal pavings & paths,
  • Enclosures, Data Network,
  • Sound system, Video surveillance system, Fire system
  • Working drawings of foundations and equipment of the attractions


The park is almost ready, now you need to prepare for the opening. We can help you in different ways. A team of consultants is at your disposal to advise you where you need or you feel more insecure: selection and training of personnel, marketing campaigns, maintenance plans or management control … And if you prefer not to think about it, we will manage it!

The managing phase is composed of:

MANAGEMENT, which could include:

1. The consultancy

2. The start up phase

for the Pre-opening period, Opening period, Post-opening period or

2. The joint/full management