We do not believe only in beautiful parks…
We believe in beautiful parks which make profit

EAM PARK PROJECT is an italian company specialized in amusement park design and consultancy, composed by professional experts in each of the key fields for PLANNING, REALIZATION and MANAGEMENT of amusement parks. A team that built its know-how directly in the field of attractions business and based its deep acquaintance of amusement parks, both indoor and outdoor, on many years of experience and collaboration with park owners and operators, thought the direct management of some of them.
From this experience comes out the slogan:“WE DO NOT BELIEVE ONLY IN BEAUTIFUL PARKS… WE BELIEVE IN BEAUTIFUL PARKS WHICH MAKE PROFIT” that roughly underlines how important is the combination between a winning creative vision and a bearable project realization.

Our team had the opportunity to deal with many International realities, from Russia to USA, Germany and Iraq, and facing personally and directly with the problems, is able to understand 100% the point of view of its potential clients by offering all necessary professional skills to guarantee the realisation of TURNKEY PARKS to our clients, starting from preliminary design to park start up.


Team Park Project structure of work is organized around 5 Departments:

  1. Artistic D., which deals with the Concept Design, Environment & Attractions Theming
  2. Architectural D., which develops the Masterplan Design & the Detailed Design
  3. Economic & Financial D., which deals with the Strategic planning, research and development of amusement park project, Feasability studies
  4. Communication & Marketing D., which develops the Project Identity (Media & 3D modelling, Media & Graphics)
  5. Management D., which provides consultancy, training and operation management, Strategic planning